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The coach accompanies you or your Team on your journey and helps you find your way. To climb the mountain, to avoid the avalanche, to ascend or descend with equal enthusiasm. Everything always brings us back to nature, to our own strengths and weaknesses, both physical and mental, which inform our experience as we go through life.

Choosing to embark on a journey of professional development with a coach implicitly means opting for change: it involves continuing the climb, but with a lighter burden. The support of a coach helps you cope with all the complexities of modern life after COVID  that can make it so difficult to arrive at free and informed choices.


To have a companion on the road, to be aided to a better understanding of what is happening to you ‒ or not happening to you ‒ is to discover another tempo and to live a better life, both personal and professional. An experience of life in which everything is holistically interwoven, with each part influencing the rest. To think of your life in this way is to act sustainably. It means ascending like the eagle, experiencing its flight, acquiring its focus, and cultivating its agility.


Whether you are a manager, a director or a freelancer, all that matters is your path and how you choose to negotiate it. No doubt you are already highly experienced. Perhaps you are not looking for a new position but simply to take the job you love to a new level. Perhaps again, you find yourself at a crossroads, unsure about which new direction to choose.


Professional coach, trainer and supervisor, Philippe Buyze - coaching-people.fr - will listen to you, encourage you to learn and think about your future in new ways, and help you translate your ideas into reality.


A key interest in Emotional Intelligence


Emotional Intelligence is our capacity to recognize our emotions - and those of others - and to reserve a special place for them in our lives, a place halfway between intellect and feeling. It is the alchemy that allows us to maintain our lives in dynamic balance, living out our passions in the long term instead of squandering them on ephemeral activities. To favour the long view over the obsession with the present moment. And, working closely with your coach, to build a brighter future for yourself.


In this era of ever-increasing specialization, Philippe helps you develop an all-inclusive approach that unites knowing how to be and knowing what to do : moving from reacting as you always did to choose how to respond.  It gives you the insight to be able to understand your colleagues as fully rounded human beings, and to accept both their reality and their potential. It offers a way to understand both your own personal system and the one within which you operate, and to bring them into natural and creative alignment with one another.


Your future and that of your team, as well as your company’s operating results, are defined first and foremost by the significance of your work, and that of your colleagues. This story belongs to you, and you alone. Unlike anybody else’s story, it is the wellspring of your personal motivation, although it may elude easy definition.


An experienced coach can help you find your own answers, reach your goal and achieve your dream, so that you feel at ease with yourself and your current position - or else ready to change it, if that is the right move for you.





The coach is a trusted person, a chosen person. It is preferable that he has acquired experience of the situations, from the most favorable to the most perilous, from the simplest to the most complex. He also has a form of philosophy of life which propels him out of immediate influences, the sense of the essential and of taking the time, resilience and an ability to bounce back which boosts you. He is then better able to listen to you and above all to hear you, to help you understand what is bothering you and to transform a delicate situation into a promising one.


You bring back to life what enabled you to succeed, and you continue on the steep paths, sometimes taking side roads, off the beaten track. You then discover what you might not have suspected.



He wills listen to you closely, with sensitivity and engagement, guiding you on the path that takes you to yourself. Walking side by side, the two of you join forces to develop your professional future.



He helps you develop your skills. He trains you on current topics, from strategy to technology. You acquire know-how that complements your interpersonal skills. You make your professional and future way.


He provides a secure environment to contemplate, gain knowledge and explore supervision in a variety of ways for a coach or a Director. By unifying body and mind, he helps you to uncover what is essential to you. Accelerate your learning and become a better coach.





ICF Coach, certified PCC - CSA Supervisor - Philippe is a creative-minded business executive with a background in engineering and extensive expatriate experience.

With wide-ranging training and C-Suite experience, Philippe has worked for a number of major companies in the course of his career. His responsibilities have given him the opportunity to travel extensively, to work with people and Teams from different cultures, and to tackle complex business challenges with his trademark combination of insight, agility and tenacity.


Philippe’s professional background enables him to solve challenges that require both robustness and sensitivity, while maintaining a healthy work-life balance. His has chosen to reside in France - in Provence - where he can live in a setting he loves, between the mountains and the sea.


Besides his main coaching, supervision and mentoring activities, Philippe also works at the Fondation Apprentis d'Auteuil - a Catholic foundation recognized as a public utility that supports highly vulnerable young people and families.


Philippe brings a lifetime’s work and dedication to his current role, working with managers, business leaders and freelancers/sole traders alike to help them raise their performance and travel in the direction that is right for them, supporting them with insight, sensitivity and good humor all the way.



Manager - Director - Freelancer


Whatever your professional situation and your long - or short-term needs, coaching-people.fr helps you to choose the direction that is right for you, travelling at your own pace and with a clearly defined purpose. Whether you work in an office or remotely, the right support for your professional development journey will take to where you need to go.





You head up a team that is continually faced with new challenges. You occupy a strategic role that takes you to new places and exposes you to new cultures. With the right companion for your journey, the unknowns are less daunting.




You are multifaceted and you have to think and act in terms of strategy and operations. You have to make complex choices, which meet an immediate and persisted need. Accompanied, the decision criteria are clearer.





You head up your own business, having left a larger company to set up your own. From legal affairs to new business development, you have to think of everything. Accompanied, your dream
can become a reality.




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The true perfection of man lies not in what man has, but in what man is.

Oscar Wilde -  irish writer, novelist, playwright and poet, 1854-1900 - The Soul of Man 



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